Quick Food Activity For Your Littles

By Rebecca Jaciuk publisher of Macaroni Kid Downriver Detroit May 21, 2021

I don’t know about your kids, but my son is super interested in helping me cook or bake. When he sees me start prepping he pulls his chair right up to the counter and asks what we’re doing! I was shopping at my favorite store (ALDI, duh) and came across these pudding cup kits. This is something you could do with little kids, bigger kids and have a contest, anyone really. Super quick activity that’s cheap! 

Here’s what you need:

-Jell-o Play dessert kit (you could also just buy a box of pudding mix)


-6 cups


-any other toppings of your choice! (Gummy worms, crushed Oreos, fruit, whipped cream)

-Bowl, whisk, spoon or ladle 


1. Grab a big bowl.

2. Dump pudding mix in.

3. Add milk according to directions

4. Have your little stir/whisk for 3 minutes (I like to challenge my son with this but warning, it could get messy! Can you stir fast? Can you stir really slow? Let’s count down)

5. Let pudding sit for a few minutes while you gather your toppings.

6. Laddle pudding into cups.

7. Add toppings

8. Enjoy! Store in the fridge afterwards