Have you done an act of kindness lately?

By Rebecca Jaciuk publisher of Macaroni Kid Downriver June 17, 2021

A few weeks ago I was doing my shopping at ALDI when I came across this nice group of women. They were putting quarters into the carts to hand them out to customers and also hand out tote bags. They said they were from Gilead church and were doing random acts of kindness. Can I tell you that made my whole day! Many years ago my sister was in a park and found a bottle of bubbles with a note written on it. The note stated that this was a random act of kindness in honor of a loved one who passed away. My mother passed away many years ago, and this one small gesture started a whole new tradition. Every year on my mother‘s birthday or anniversary of her death I do a random act of kindness. You don’t need a reason to do an act of kindness, but it sure is fulfilling. Here are some ideas for acts of kindness:

- Pay for someone’s coffee in the line behind you

- Give a random person flowers

- Bake cookies for someone

- Make a care package for the homeless

- Leave quarters at a vending machine

- Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant

- Send a card in the mail for a loved one just because

- Help a stranger carry something

- Leave a positive note on someone’s car

- Donate to a food bank

- Encourage someone if you see them struggling

- Send a happy photo to a friend

- Thank someone in your life randomly

- Mow a neighbor’s lawn

- Leave goodies out for the workers delivering goods to your home

- Leave an extra tip for a service

- Leave lottery tickets somewhere

- Pick up litter in your community

- Donate items to charity

- Sponsor a family for a holiday

Here is the new’s story for Amelia, she was the person the bubbles were dedicated to.